Miya Epoch COMMAND X-9R CX-9R

Miya Epoch COMMAND CX-9R
English manual available



Price USD$ 2,534.00

Cordless Remote Controller allows you to play more than two reels at one time on the boat. It is ideal for medium to big size fishing

*Cordless remote control
*Depth memory feature
*Stopped broadside
*Variable speed
*+/- V Prevention Automatic
*Automatic Overload Control
*0.3 Pressure full waterproof
*Slow Start
*Slow Stop

Item # MEC12
Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 1:3.18
weight 4.2kg
Line Capacity #10(100lb)/1600m #12(120lb)/1400m 
#15(150lb)/1100m #20(200lb)/800m
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 11
Drag strength 25-47.8kg
MAX Rewind power 50kg
MAX winding Speed (no load) 140m/min
DC 12V