Miya Epoch COMMAND Z-9S (Z-9S)

English manual available


MAX winding power 75kg!!
Good cost performance reel

Price USD$ 2450.00

Good cost performance reel from Miya-Epoch Z-9 series which corresponds widely from deep sea fishing to Big game migratory fish.

Drag (clutch board lining and slip ring) which gained high evaluation in the command Z series and also prevents water from entering the drag from the outside (new shape spool), fine tuning is possible even for long time interaction.

The reel automatically controls the reel at the time of big hits and multipoint hooking, automatically adjusts the rotation of the motor, reduces the burden on the battery without wastefully flowing current, realizes the life extension of the motor.


*Fishing power control function
*Stopped Rack point (Fishery point)
*Auto Tension Control
*Depth memory
*Stopped broadside
*Variable speed
*+/- V Prevention Automatic
*Automatic Overload Control
*0.3 Pressure full waterproof
*Slow Start
*Slow Stop


Item # MEC24
Item Condition new
weight 4.4kg
Line Capacity #10/1600m #12/1400m 
#15/900m #20/800m #30/500m
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 10
Drag strength 40-110kg
MAX Rewind power 75kg
MAX winding Speed (no load) 110m/min
DC 12V