Miya Epoch COMMAND Z-9


Miya Epoch COMMAND

Small sized CZ

Price US$ 2700.00


New CZ series Drag (slip ring and clutch plate lining) of which got a high rating by anglers, prevent water from entering the drag from the outside (New shape spool) deployment, can be fine-tuned in exchange for a long time.

This reduces the burden on the battery also automatic adjustment, the rotation of the motor is controlled by the automatic reel even at a high load at the time of seat multi-point or big game hit, since no current flows in vain, to achieve a long life of the motor.

  • Instant winding
  • Breaking system with just a click sound (Precent Backlush)
  • 2 point strike position
  • Assist lever, Power handle, Guard Arm, Click sounds button

Ideal for

Alfonsin, Pacific ocean perch, amberjack, Yellow fin tuna, Chub , Giant sea bass


*Fishing power control function ATC
*High-speed automatic winding
*Stopped broadside
*Variable speed
*+/- V Prevention Automatic
*Automatic Overload Control
*0.3 Pressure full waterproof
*Slow Start
*Slow Stop

Item Condition new
weight 5.2kg
Line Capacity #10/1600m #12/1400m #15/900m #20/800
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 10
Drag strength 40-100kg
Rewind power
(Max Rewind power)
MAX winding Speed (no load) 110m/min
DC 12V