Miya Epoch COMMAND AD-3

English manual NOT available
Japanese manual only



Price USD $ 1,138.00

You can easily fish with user friendly button operation. ADS (AUTO DRAG SYSTEM) and the sub-motor which automatically sets the optimum drag. ATC (AUTO TENSION CONTROL) can always control the winding in the best condition! Evolving Light Tackle.

Item # MEC2
Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 1:1.92
weight 63.49oz/1,800g
Line Capacity #4(40lb)/700m #5(50lb)/600m 
#6(60lb)/500m #8(80lb)/400m
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 10
Drag strength 20-30kg
MAX Rewind power 43kg
MAX winding Speed (no load) 10-150m/min
DC 12V